Rapid Qualitative Inquiry

A Field Guide to Team-Based Assessment 

Second Edition

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  A recent review of Rapid Qualitative Inquiry: A Field Guide to Team-Based Assessment (second edition) in Qualitative Health Research stated that the book is “recommended” and that it is an excellent introduction to rapid qualitative research (Brett 2016). The review noted that the second edition shifts from calling the approach Rapid Assessment Process (RAP) to calling it Rapid Qualitative Inquiry (RQI) and that this shift reflects “both a reconceptualization and refinement of the earlier perspective based on extensive use and reflection by Beebe and the many practitioners.” The review also noted that “a valuable new chapter covers the use of technology that can dramatically speed up and enhance rapid research processes” and that the second edition makes explicit use of systems thinking and reflects “ever more sophisticated research in socioecology, and Ecosystems.”
 The review identified several strengths of the second edition, including its ability to draw out and navigate the many conflicting perspectives on qualitative research, and generally stating clearly the implications for RQI; and its much expanded “Literature Cited” section, the “Additional Readings” at the end of each chapter; and the “Essential RQI/RAP Library.” The book is described as “more a research design book than a methods book.“ “This book could be a core reading in an applied research methods course” and provides an easily accessible introduction to students in methods classes because it is possible to conduct one or more complete studies through the course of a semester-long class. The writing is described as “clear and straightforward.”

Reviewed by: John A. Brett, University of Colorado Denver,
Qualitative Health Research
1–2 2016

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